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Brand Management

Before You Start

A portfolio is essential in finding productive work and management in the fashion and entertainment industry. From photoshoots to promo videos, Prime and Prim Studio of the Arts has you covered. We have the most competitive prices for portfolio building, so book today to create the perfect professional portfolio for you.

You must complete four hours of training prior to portfolio work. This can be accomplished by booking a session on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Training MUST be completed prior to starting portfolio work. 


The initial deposit of $150 starts your initial training. The remaining balance is due prior to the completion of your final portolio session. You have two months to complete your porfolio.

Book A Private Session

Test Shoots

A great way to master poses, build confidence, gain valuable camera and work experience.


Having a professional composite card or headshot can make a candidate stand out.

Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is essential in selling your vision to potential employers, agents, and investors.


Acting techniques can enhance your natural talent as a performer. 

Personal Development

Refine your personal path by creating an action plan to develop your skills and experience.


Learn how to communicate effectively, and lose your fear of public speaking.


A strong, confident runway walk is a great foundation for a modeling career.


Master strategies to learn how to market  brands and increase your wealth. 

"Models, dancers, actors, and other creative professionals can train one-on-one to improve their personal development and career training in the entertainment and fashion industries. An integrated company, we are here to transform dreams into reality."

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