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Brand Management

Product Reviews

Reviews can be critical to your company’s doom, but vital for its growth. Analyzing reviews left by your customers, helps your company understand overall customer satisfaction, which in terms provide constructive feedback regarding what your customers truly want and value.


Actors/Models will test the company product/service for seven days and complete a customer feedback form. This process is an easy way to expand your brand’s reach. When people have good things to say, they're more likely to share their experience across all platforms. 

Model Management

Prime & Prim specializes in developing and growing talent within the fashion and entertainment industry. Our expertise can be rendered to assist with managing and training models for an event/show. Three months management and training allows for effective marketing and show performance. 


- Model casting call 

- Model marketing & social schedule 

- Model affiliate code 

- Rehearsals & Fittings 

- Modeling contract (if applicable)






Web Design

Become a part of the Prime & Prim team! Our unique connections to the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industry make us a unique consulting company and talent agency. We can offer your business:

We, at Prime & Prim, want to see you and your business thrive. We make sure to accomplish that by curating a step-by-step Brand Management plan that is specific to your company and brand identity.

Marketing & PR Team

Production Team

Small Business Owner


A complete package offering great value, which includes:

Month PR Campaign



Our most popular package includes all of the following:

Month PR Campaign



A great package which includes all the following:

Month PR Campaign

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A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality.

John Carmack

CTO of Oculus VR

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